In order to maintain the warranty conditions, it is compulsory to order an additional epoxy primer layer according to the current offer of the Manufacturer. , , ,
Basic guidelines and tips for installation and use of electric radiators
To ensure proper operation of electric radiators and towel warmers they must be filled with an appropriate heating medium (heat conveyor).
We recommend a short video showing how to install the hard-wired KTX MS heating element with a terminal-masking piece.
Is there a safe and aesthetic way of concealing the heating element's cable?
Our today homes are filled with electric equipment and, as a result, filled with cables. Buying more electric equipment means more and more plugs but still the same quantity of sockets so we reach for extension leads. This creates a house full of cables!
We have prepared a short animation showing how to install the pipe-masking set for the popular 50 mm valve.
Wide range of connection openings in Terma radiators allows choosing the most suitable connection type for heating element installation. Such combination carries a number of benefits for the user.
We recommend a short animation explaining the working principle of a valve with immersion tube.
Saving energy by optimising your daily heating schedule? Learn how to use the Terma DT-IR Programmable Controller.
Saving energy by optimising your weekly heating schedule? Learn how to use the Terma TT-IR Programmable Controller.
The electric radiator with a heating medium liquid is fitted with a heating element in one of the collectors as a source of heat. The heating medium is heated by the hot heating element.
The first and most important criterion for the selection of the heating element is choosing the correct power output.
We encourage you to view our interactive 3D animation presenting an integrated thermostatic valve set, consisting of a lockshield and a thermostatic valve suitable for 50 mm insta
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