Choosing the correct heating element

The first and most important criterion for the selection of the heating element is choosing the correct power output. The heating element output needs to match the radiator power output for the parameters of 75/65/20 based on the following criteria:

  1. For most heating elements with a maximum set temperature of approximately 60-65°C (e.g. MEG, MOA, REG, KTX, ONE), the heater power output should be as close to the radiator power output as possible.
  2. In the case of a self-regulating heater with a PTC element (SKT, SOA), the heating elements power output should never exceed the power of the radiator.

Following the above criteria when selecting a heating element will ensure full functionality and efficient operation of the device.

When selecting a heating element it is recommended that the potential user should consider its ease of operation, the types of settings required, the purpose of use (drying or heating) and the location of fitting (bathroom, lounge etc.).

We recommended heating elements with features that simplify their operation (e.g. an automatic “switch off” function after a specified time, which could be useful for efficient drying of towels or clothes). When choosing a heating element, it is also worth considering if you will need room temperature control or perhaps a heating element which is capable of cooperation with an external infrared controller.