Why use cable masking for electric heating elements?

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Heating element cable masking

Today our homes are filled with electric equipment and, as a result, filled with cables. Buying more electric equipment means more and more plugs but still the same quantity of sockets, which makes us resort to multiple extension leads. This creates a house full of cables!

At Terma we value the aesthetics of our products and constantly look for solutions that make our lives easier and more comfortable. That is why we have come up with a unique solution - cable masking cover for MEG, MOA and DRY heating elements.

Safety meets beauty

Cable masking for MEG, MOA and DRY heating elements provides an aesthetic finish on electric connection and increases safety of the device use. Cable masking covers are offered for MEG, MOA and DRY and come in the colour of the heating element with straight cable without plug.

Simple solutions are the best

Advantages of cable masking:

  • conceals an unattractive connection,
  • reduces the risk of cable damage,
  • ensures the right amount of space for safe electric connection,
  • provides a pleasant finish on electric connection and adds to the interior's aesthetics (available in the colour of the heating element).

The use of cable masking covers allows flexible placement of the heating element on/off switch which can be placed, for example, next to the light switch. Such solution is possible when the heating element is connected directly to electricity. Power cable is hidden inside the wall while the switch can be installed in another location convenient for the user. This way the heating element can be turned on and off in the same manner as light in the room. In order to use this solution one should remember to carefully plan installation of the heating element before finishing off the walls with ceramic tiles etc.

Technical details

Cable masking for Terma MOA, MEG and DRY is available for heating elements with PB connection type (for permanent connection to electric installation). Technical information:

  • regution of distance from the wall within 30 ÷ 65 mm;
  • masking cover cross-section 20 x 30 mm;
  • available in the colour of the heating element;
  • discreet form matching the size of the device.

Cable cover for MEG, MOA and DRY is another solution by Terma which reconciles beauty and functionality.

All solutions used by Terma are proven and safe, while the high class quality comes from the best materials and components as well as constant research and quality improvement.