Underfloor central heating systems are currently one of the basic solutions used in modern day housing. If using underfloor central heating in your home, can additional wall mounted radiators also be used, and if so, which ones? Here, we present the most appropriate solutions of connecting radiators with underfloor heating.

When making a decison to use wall mounted radiators in conjunction with underfloor heating, the overall heat requirements for the specific rooms should be taken into consideration. As a rule, underfloor heating in a new build should be designed in a way that will meet the full heat demand of the entire area. So, when should you consider adding wall mounted radiators? Firstly, many customers have heated towel rails installed in bathrooms where the additional function of drying towels is also required. Secondly, customers will also want feel the benefit of wall mounted radiators in rooms that require an additional heating source due to factors causing the underfloor heating to be insufficient (due to very large glazed windows, for example).


More often than not, the benefits of installing a heated towel rail in the bathroom in conjunction with underfloor heating allows for the easy and quick drying of towels after bathing. Furthermore, where low-temperature underfloor heating systems are used in a bathroom, an electric radiator connected to the power supply would be the most advisable option.

An electric radiator is actually two factory-integrated devices: a heating element made of steel profiles and a fluid filled radiator in which this sits. The electric radiator itself is usually identical to the version powered by central heating systems, however, some models of Terma electric radiators may have slightly modified designs.

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The electric radiators that we manufacture at Terma are always factory-filled with the appropriate oil and have a heating element installed. Once attached to the wall and connected to the power supply, they are immediately ready for use.

The required wattage of electric radiator are governed only by the wattage of the chosen heating element, and will be independent of the temperature of the water in the underfloor heating system. This will avoid a situation whereby the radiator in the bathroom is insufficiently warm due to the supply of water being at a temperature of between 30-40°C (a temperature typical for an underfloor heating system).

We advise against the serial inclusion of a heated towel rail fitted in circuit of a piped underfloor heating, as such a solution would not prove effective regardless of the power of the heating element used.

Terma offers many different ranges of heating elements that can be freely combined with suitable radiator models. The chosen heating element should be selected based on matching the output of the element to the output of the radiator - some elements go up to 1000w in output and others go beyond this up to 2000 which are suitable for those radiators requiring a higher output.

The Vivo electric radiator with the VEO heating element from the Terma SMART system uses a control head and probe setup, whereby the head can be rotated as required (as opposed to a standard electric cable with a plug).



 The Warp T electric towel rail with a built-in ONE electric heating element is supplied without a plug, it has a straight cable which is connected to a box in the wall and is hidden in the radiator's mounting.

The extensive range of heating element ranges on offer from Terma are modern, functional devices that meet all the standards required for devices used for oil water filled electric heating.

Some of our heating elements also meet the stringent requirements of the EU eco-directive regarding ecological energy management and the reduction of heat loss. If you choose heating elements from the SMART or BLUE ranges, you will be able to control the heat and schedule the operation of your radiators from smartphone apps. Alternatively, heating elements with a built-in -IR module will allow you to control the temperature using a an infared programmer (such as DTI or TTIR),

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Terma heating elements are characterised not only by their functional aspects, but they have been designed with aesthetics and ergonomics at the core of their design. In addition to the classic models of heating elements that have round clockface and square housings, we also offer the unique ONE heating elements within our range. These are manufatured in matching profiles to the raditaor in which they wil be fitted for a seamless design, which, along with the option to colour match the element with the radiator, allows you to achieve a matching design which flows from the bar down into the element. And, for a true minimalistic look, we also manufacture a variant of this range which is a built-in version of the ONE heateting element - where all the electronic components of the element are pushed up inside the radiator, and the only visible section of the element is the operational button on the underside.

Which version of the ONE heating element should be used for the selected radiator model?In addition to the features and benefits and physical attributes of the heating element itself, Terma also offers various options for the cable. Depending on the model of radiator, you have the choice of straight or spiralled cables supplied with or without plugs in selected colours to match the radiator. This also applies to straight cables without plugs, which can be connected directly to the electrical box embedded in the wall. Some versions of heating elements can also be supplied with a screw connection or with a on/off button on the plug.


 Pola (with Blower) electric towel rail.

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In some case, you may find, even with the presence of underfloor heating that this may be inefficient in heating the room in certain times of the year. We often expect a bathroom to be warmer than the rest of the rooms in the household. Terma meets this need as we can offer an additonal convector heater we call Blower. Having a Blower fitted, in addition to a heating element controller, means you have the ability to heat the room very quickly as this will provide instant heat. All you have to do is program the device in advance and the interior of the bathroom will become pleasantly warm.

Grzejnik elektryczny Fiona Blower


It may be the case that underfloor heating alone may not be suffient to achieve the desired temperature required for the room, especially in rooms with large glazed windows and above-average high ceilings (in houses with free space above the living room, for example).

Modern electric radiators which give you the ability to manage your home heating system using an smartphone based app are an excellent choice for interiors with increased heat demand.

The Terma SMART product range can be used across the vast majority of Terma radiator ranges (withn the exception of the VOLTAN electric convector heater). Terma SMART also includes the VAZ TRV head and the VTS wall room temperature sensor, and the VOS open window sensor. The use of these two sensors in conjunction with the geolocation functions of the app will allow for an "intelligent" management for heating your home (the system will automatically reduce the temperature when the home is vacant, for example).


The Voltan electric convector heater from the Terma SMART range, 2000 W, with a Wi-Fi module, controlled via a smartphone app.

 The Tune VWS electric radiator with a VEO heating element from our Terma SMART range, controlled via the smartphone app

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