When placing an order for a Terma product, please provide a unique product code. This code defines all parameters needed to produce a complete order that meets the Recipient’s needs. Following the rules set out in this instruction will allow you to efficiently generate the correct product code.
We have published a short video summing up the main features and benefits of the KTX 4 heating element. Here you can find more information on this product including specifications, drawings and detailed technical descriptions.
We encourage you to use our high quality models of our products in FBX format with all textures. These are the same models that we use for our interactive 3D visualisations available here . Our resources are PBRs with Base Color, Metallic, Roughness and Normal parameters defined in order to...
Sketchfab has published an interview with our developer Jan Klimczak about interactive 3D visualisations of our products. Jan described the process of creating our 3D resources and shared his knowledge on advanced scripts making it possible to add non-typical interactions. The complete Sketchfab blog interview is available here .