Completion of the phase I of TDA competition

Completion of the phase I of TDA competition

On 30th April 2020, the first stage of the Tubądzin Design Award 2020 was completed. TERMA is one of the official Partners for the second time. We will soon present the winner who is going to receive a special award from Terma, the STAND towel warmer. The award is given for the most interesting lifestyle picture using the award product.

This is not the end of competition and prize awards. From 1st May until 31st July 31, the competition is entering the second stage, which is intended for architects and designers who value world-class design and come from Poland. This time, the VIPERA towel rail is an awared.

The terms & conditions of the competition can be found here: 

We encourage you to use our 3D models in projects, which are available HERE. To make your work easier, we provide the files in DWG, MAX and 3DS formats.

What you need to remember when designing an interior with a towel rail or a radiator?

1. Design is important, but the radiator should, above all, have adequate heat output. Large interiors with windows need more powerful radiators than small bathrooms without exterior walls.

2. It is worth fitting the radiator with functional accessories: an electric heating element, a shelf or a hanger. You can find a wide complementary range on our website.

3. If you are designing a central heating radiator, do not forget to fit valves. If you have doubts about which valve to use in a given radiator model, see suggestions on our website in product suggestions (bottom of the product card).

4. Theradiator should be mounted at the appropriate height. In the case of high decorative radiators, the appropriate height is several centimeters above the ground. Depending on the size, towel rails are usually installed at eye level. Remember that according to the convection principle, warm air rises, so the radiator should not be installed too high.

5. When preparing room renders, make at least one picture where the radiator can be clearly seen.