How to take care of your radiator?

The most important thing is to prevent paint coating damages and to use the radiator in accordance with the manual. If the radiator is equipped with a heating element one must observe the basic safety rules, e.g. avoid splashing any liquids on the electric device. Besides one must not put loads exceeding 5 kg on the radiator or apply a comparable force against it. One must also observe the operating parameters specified in the product specifications. This applies in particular to the working pressure, because excessive pressure can destroy the radiator. Make sure to use the heating medium of proper quality. Wrong pH value or oxygen saturation can cause radiator corrosion. Connecting the radiator to the domestic hot water system or refilling the installation with liquids having unsuitable chemical properties can also bring about radiator damage. The heating medium temperature must not fall below 0 °C. The radiator can be cleaned with domestic cleaning products except for those containing solvents or abrasives. Applying any additional layers of paint or lacquer to the radiator is not allowed. Any changes in the construction of the radiator and/or warranty repairs can only be conducted by the Manufacturer. Terma provides 8-year warranty on the radiator coating in all RAL and special colors and 8 years for water tightness of the radiators.