Terma eCatalogue (for Android mobile phones and tablets)

Browse the complete range of Terma radiators, heating elements and accessories. Have a look at inspiring arrangement ideas. Find the radiator ideally matching your needs!

Terma eCatalogue is a state-of-the-art mobile application giving you instant access to the complete range of Terma products from any location at any time. It features almost 70 radiators, several heating elements and accessories required for the installation or enhancing the radiator functionality. The application shows a broad palette of colours, which allows the user to adapt the radiator to the character of every room. You can chose from almost 250 RAL and Terma special colours

You can browse our offer, select particular models and see the details. To make the application even more functional we have grouped radiators according to their most essential features so you can define your needs, e.g. whether you need an electric radiator or a central heating model. You can also use a search engine allowing you to find a particular model.

We hope that our eCatalogue will inspire you while creating the interior of your dreams. We encourage you to browse through our collection of arrangement ideas. If a particular arrangement appeals to you, you can navigate directly to a product card. So if you do not have a specific model in mind, you can start by looking through our arrangement ideas and finding the one you like most. You can be sure that the product we suggest is an ideal match for the particular interior. Terma designers and graphic artists ensure that both the radiators and arrangement ideas are in line with the latest trends in global design



Once you find your ideal model and determine the colour, you need to define technical parameters. Our eCatalogue includes information on available sizes, connection types and heating parameters. The final thing to do is to select the nearest Terma dealer.

We believe that our application will meet your needs and you will enjoy using it while designing your living space. The application is available for smartphones and tablets.


Application is available for Android mobile phones and tablets at Google Play Google Play.

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