Triga w kolorze RAL 6016, podłączenie typu VP

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Triga is one of the most universal and versatile models in Terma's offer. 

The rhythmic, vertical arrangement of rectangular shaped bars creates a design that is both classic and modern in perception, which guarantees its timeless character. Triga is available in the low under-window size, vertical, mirror, as well as half-round and corner versions. Central heating, dual fuel and electric versions are available. A wide range of accessories such as shelves, railings and spot hangers allows you to use Triga in the bathroom. 

The extensive choice within this range enables consistency throughout the entire interior of the home, which is particularly valuable in the in large open place spaces. 



For rooms with floor-length windows, a tall vertical or half round model of the Triga would be a great choice. In the narrow space between a window and a returning wall, the half round round Triga AW will work, which, despite maintaining high power parameters, is only 280 mm wide. Additionally, the corner version Triga ANC will also be appropriate, which will functionally fill the corner in any room where space is an issue. 

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In the standard place to install a radiator, under a window, Triga is ideal. Two heights: 560 mm and 610 mm, each in five widths, make it possible to find a model well matched to the arrangement and with the required heat output. 


For the bedroom, dressing room and hallway, we recommend Triga M equipped with a mirror, which will not only allow work as a practical mirror, but also optically enlarge the space. Both Triga and Triga M can be equipped with chrome Zip V40 spot hangers. Thanks to them, it is possible to easily hang and dry coats etc. 

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The tall version of the Triga radiator can be equipped with a number of accessories that will allow you to use it as additional space for storage or drying. 

Easy hanging of towels or tea towels can be achieved with the additional towel bar, made of aluminium, and painted in any colour from the Terma palette, or we also do a version made from wood. 

It is worth noting that you can have unlimited numbers of the Triga wooden shelves, meaning this radiator can also be used a functional set of shelves. 

The range of accessories for Triga also includes a shelf with an internal towel bar, which combines the functions of the previously mentioned accessories: towel bar and shelf. 

Wooden accessories are available in three finishes: beech, oak and teak. Each radiator can be fitted with unlimited quantities of them, the only limitation is the space in front of the radiator, so this only comes down to the user's needs and imagination. 

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 Triga radiator in white RAL 9016 with ZX connection 



 The fastenings of wooden accessories to the Triga radiator are finished with a chrome coating. 

 Triga radiator with an oak shelf, with a shelf and a towel bar.