New Colours Added to the Terma Offering

New Colours Added to the Terma Offering

At the beginning of autumn in time for the next heating season, Terma are introducing nine new colors to the Terma offering. Six of the new colours mimic the true metal finishes obtained in chemical or electrochemical processes. We hope that will be very attractive to your Customers and will allow for even more adventurous interior design inspiration with Terma radiators.



We offer a palette of four fashionable anodized shades that mimic the effect obtained in the aluminium anodising process. Anodized radiators finished in paint are characterized by a heterogeneous colour, which will saturate depending on the intensity and angle of lighting in the room.


Anodic Black (ABC)                                         Anodic Brown (ABN)                                       Anodic Malachite (AMT)                                 Anodic Saphire (ASP)



A brand new version of copper in a brighter, painted finish, imitating a more natural bright metallic finish. Objects in copper finish for several seasons are one of the most-liked additions in designer interiors. The copper colour on the radiator allows for cohesion even when using copper fittings in the interior.

Bright Copper (BCO)



A new painted finish imitating a stainless steel (Inox) finish. It is an alternative to galvanised chrome  which it is more affordable and a finish we can achieve on any radiator and not just selected models as we can offer with chrome. 

Inox (INO)



A new finish that meets the latest colour trends in interior design. Magic Pearl is a variation on black which, depending on the angle of incidence of light, shimmers in shades of green and purple.

Magic Pearl (MPR)



The new version of the previously withdrawn colour Black Crocodile.

Black Crockodile New (BLN)



The last proposal is a colour imitating stone. Quartz is a reference to interior design trends looking for inspiration in nature. 

Quartz (QUA)


All colour proposals we are launching are produced in the powder coating process.

The full TERMA colour list is available HERE.



Tune VWD; Magic Pearl (MPR)


Alex; Anodic Black (ABC)


Angus H; Anodic Saphire (ASP)


Lukka; Anodic Brown (ABN)