Design and quality have been the hallmarks of Terma products for years. We know that the original design is not only the shape and form, but also the colour and texture, so in our colour book you will find as many as 250 colours to choose from. Such a wide range of colours guarantees the ease of choosing the one that will perfectly emphasize the character of the interior. The colour selected for the radiator will beautifully emphasize the wall covering or allow the radiator to blend in with its background.

The use of expressive colours makes it possible to create a unique body and, as a result, elevate the radiator to the rank of applied art. In particular, models made of flush surface profiles, such as Hex, Angus, Easy, or Vipera, take on the character of sculptures and constitute the uniqueness of the arranged spaces, in projects of interior designers. Traditional bathroom radiators, painted in colours other than traditional white, also have a chance to become not only functional, but also a decorative element of the interior.

In the current TERMA colour range you can choose from the following colour palettes:

  • 190 RAL colours, each available in Gloss (standard RAL), Mat or Soft (smooth powder paints, for decorative radiators available at no extra charge);
  • 54 special colours (powder paints selected especially for our offer, may have a smooth or structured texture, for decorative radiators available at no extra charge);
  • 12 premium colours (wet paints in the trendiest shades, giving the effect of galvanic or raw metal finish, available for an additional fee for selected models of radiators).

Along with the update of the colour offer for the 2021/2022 season, we propose its new form, which will complement the so far available template in the form of colour swatches.Special colours and premium colours will be available as a colour board with painted D profiles, placed on a magnetic board. We believe that this form will reliably present the radiator's finishing options - the D profile allows you to see how the colour reflects light not only on a flat surface, but also on a round one.

 The new Terma colour board with D profiles

Colour boards will be available to order from Terma, commercial conditions will be presented individually on request.

The current colour swatches will be supplemented with new special (powder) colours. Premium colours will temporarily be available only on colour board displays.



The new powder paints will supplement the current range of Terma special finishes and replace some of those previously available in the offer. 

The new proposals for special finishes are:

  • Sterling
  • Nature
  • Denim
  • Green Chlorophyll
  • Halo
  • Anodic Gold
  • Lotus
  • Sienna
  • Aubergine
  • Dark Bronze
  • Groovy Red

At the beginning of the New Year 2022, the following powder paints will be withdrawn from the offer:

  • Pergamon
  • Antique Copper
  • Chromme Effect
  • White Cream
  • Morning Beige
  • African Bronze
  • Black Pepper
  • Modern Ivory
  • Sweet Sugar
  • Gold Gloss
  • Silver Gloss
  • Van Gogh
  • Sea Salt

Orders for radiators in the colours indicated above, withdrawn from the offer, can be placed by the end of this year.


The new Terma colour range will also include premium colours for selected radiator models. These are wet-painted finishes that reflect light beautifully, often mimicking trendy electroplated or raw steel finishes.

The premium colours that we offer in the colour range are:

  • Bottle Green
  • Midnight
  • Brushed Brass
  • Brass
  • Champagne
  • Pers
  • Old Bronze
  • True Copper Bright
  • Red Wine
  • Raw Metal
  • Metal Alive
  • Silver

 Aero V radiator in Denim (special finishes palette)

  Hex towel rail in Green Bottle (premium palette)

The painting process with Premium colours is a two stage process: initially each radiator is protected with an epoxy coating before the secondary painting in the finished colour. As a result, premium painted radiators can be installed in bathroom zones closer to the water (zone 1 – with the exception of electric towel rails which should not be installed above the bath).

When should you protect the radiator with an epoxy primer?


Which radiators can be painted finished in Premium colours?

Premium colours are available for all models of Terma radiators, with the exception of the following models: Case Slim, Delfin, Ribbon, Iron, Kioto, Tyus, Tune VWD, Tune HSD, Nemo, Quadrus Bold, Warp S, Warp T Bold, Warp Room, Camber, Voltan.

Note: In addition to the list above the Brushed Brass colour (only) is not offered on these models: Angus, Cane, Hex, PLC, Triga, Triga M, Triga AW, Triga AN, Triga ANC and Sherwood models.

 The TERMA colour range in the electronic version is available HERE