Blower Convector Heater

Minimalist design and maximum heating efficiency
Terma hot air Blower Convector Heater turns an ordinary radiator into a smart, multi-functional heating device. Designed in accordance with the EU eco-directive, it allows you to adapt the device to your own needs and the Boost function makes it possible to achieve the expected temperature quickly. The device is mounted behind the radiator pipes and does not affect the appearance of the radiator in a significant way. The blower fits most towel rails.

The Blower Convector Heater offers five different settings: Auto, Comfort, Eco, Boost, and Holiday. The Auto mode is based on an intelligent self-learning algorithm that adjusts the device's operation to the needs of the user and current conditions in the room (human detection, window opening recognition). The Boost mode (up to 90 min.) allows you to quickly reach the desired temperature in the room and maintain it for a predefined period of time. The device is noiseless and easy to keep clean.

The device operation is intuitive thanks to a simple control panel with a display. The preset operating modes can be modified. The device is equipped with a Fil-Pilote control modem (a separate control wire, which should be cut off and properly secured if there is no Fil-pilote installation in the building). In the event of a power failure the blower remembers its previous settings and the current time.

The Blower Convector Heater is equipped with a number of security features that guarantee safety and failure-free operation, such as a protection against overheating, protection of the room against overheating while in the Boost mode, PIN code lock preventing access to advanced features, limitation of the temperature range in the Comfort mode. Moreover, the keyboard lock prevents children from operating the device.
The device has class II protection (grounding is not required).

The dimensions of the device have been optimized to allow installation behind the radiator pipes with a minimum gap of 90 mm between the towel rail and the wall. Such a distance makes it easy to hang towels and makes it possible to use the device even in small bathrooms. The blower can be mounted on radiators with round or flat tubes. Its minimalistic design does not affect the appearance of the radiator.

The Blower is available in white (RAL 9016) and grey (RAL 9006).

Integration with a radiator
The Blower Convector Heater fits most towel rails. Integration with a radiator is possible thanks to the TS3 heating element installed in the radiator collector and connected to the blower by means of a Fast-On connection.  In radiators with preinstalled blower, the TS3 heating element is factory fitted.

Features and functions

  • Safety of use thanks to mechanical and electronic safety systems.
  • Minimalistic design for radiators with both round and flat tubes;
  • ‘Boost’ function – hot air blower allowing automatic and fast rise of temperature in the room;
  • Expert panel for changing parameters in each operating mode;
  • Five preset operating modes for easy control of the device;
  • Easy installation on the radiator by means of screw mounting brackets (included) and a Fast-On connector;
  • „Intelligent” electronic control that guarantees stable temperature in the room while minimizing energy consumption;

Technical Specifications

Power :
230 V AC
Available output power :
400, 600, 800, 1000W
Protection devices :
Klasa II
Radiator connection :
Ingress protection [IP] :
Model headerColorProduct CodeConfigure Code
BlowerSilver AluminumWEBL1K906F

Available colours: white, silver, chrome and black. The heating element can also be offered in any RAL colour and Terma special colours (including brass and gold) subject to a minimum order of 100 pcs per colour.

The reproduction of colours on electronic devices may vary slightly from those seen on the actual products. For a more exact colour selection it is always best to ask for a matching colour chip sample. These are available from our Sales

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