The ONE heating element can now be equipped with a masking cover for the electric cable. In this article we detail which radiator models need an additional elongated masking element if installed with the ONE heating element and a cable masking cover.
In response to our Clients expectations, the wall-mounted shower seat complements a wide range of sanitary accessories from Terma. The shower seat allows safe bathing in the seating position and its easy folding allows you to use the shower in a standard way.
On 30th April 2020, the first stage of the Tubądzin Design Award 2020 was completed. TERMA is one of the official Partners for the second time. We will soon present the winner who is going to receive a special award from Terma, the STAND towel...
We are delighted to inform you that the Hex radiator has been awarded a prize in this year’s edition of iF Design Award. The prize was awarded in the main category Product, sub-category Building Technology.
A range of TRIGA accessories is now enriched with the BELT 40 hanger.
In response to global design trends, Terma adds gold valves and gold heating elements to its offer. We understand how important it is to properly match all accessories to achieve the desired effect and a beautiful interior.
To meet our customers’ expectations for fast delivery, we decided to sell the Hex radiator from stock. From now on, a vertical version, finished in the most popular colours, is readily available in our warehouse.
At the beginning of autumn in time for the next heating season, Terma are introducing nine new colors to the Terma offering. Six of the new colours mimic the true metal finishes obtained in chemical or electrochemical processes. We hope that will be very attractive to your Customers and will allow...
Dated On October 2, 2018, we withdraw a special shade of Bahama Beige from the color offer. In the near future we will present new color proposals to meet current trends in design.
Dated On June 20, 2018, we withdraw a special shade of Pastel Rose from the color offer. In the near future we will present new color proposals to meet current trends in design.
Please be invited to watch our new video presenting our Blue heating elements. KTX Blue: MOA Blue:
In the middle of the year 2017, Terma is launching 5 new radiators. The radiator novelties are above all variations of bathroom models such as classic towel rails but also some decorative models. Among the novelties, there are i.e. the long expected, by Consumers and Business Partners, dimensional...
Terma is introducing a new range of electrical heating devices controlled wirelessly via an application for iOS and Android. The Terma BLUE LINE range (employing Bluetooth® technology) consists of two heating elements that are constructed based on current, reliable Terma heating elements as well as...
Any problems finding your perfect radiator? You can order Case Slim radiator with custom graphics. Select the size, prepare a file with your artwork and send it to us.
Please be invited to watch our new video presenting KTX4 heating element. Click here to learn more about KTX4 heating element.
Our MOA heating element unit has been designed with special attention to detail. It has a minimalistic design and is available in many colours while being highly functional and ready to use. MOA's 2-hour timer gives you the comfort of not having to worry about turning off the controller. Large,...