Radiator VOLTAN


Electric convector VOLTAN - modern, easy to use, efficient, and at the same time very flat, almost indistinguishable against the background of the wall. The heater is equipped with a low-temperature 2000 W heat exchanger and an advanced controller with a self-learning control algorithm.

Basic regulations are available through the control panel on the device, and the full functionality of the system is supported by the TERMA Smart mobile application. The device works with window open sensors and an additional temperature and humidity sensor from the SMART series


2 years

Warranty terms


  • Grzejnik jest jednym z elementów systemu SMART, który umożliwia zaawansowane zarządzanie ciepłem w domu z wykorzystaniem modułu Wi-Fi
  • saves space due to the flat form of the radiator and being installed close to the wall
  • Podstawowe sterowanie z poziomu panelu sterującego, zaawansowane funkcje dostępne w aplikacji mobilnej
  • Selection of approx. 250 colours

Included accessories

  • Set of mounting brackets

Product Visualisation


Electric radiators

Technical Data

230 V / 50 Hz
Connection type: power cable type
P (Straight cable without plug)* W (Straight cable with plug)
Ingress protection [IP]:
Temperature measurement:
Room temperature
Device Class:
Class II
* a device intended to be permanently connected to the mains

Electric Radiator

Model headerA

Product Code
VOLTAN 1kW5006601000390590WKVTN050066 …
VOLTAN 2kW500116020003901090WKVTN050116 …


PackagingPackaging codeRadiator colourRadiator colour codeControl panel and power sup-ply locationControl panel and power upply location codeCable typeCable type codeA
Color sterownika (i kabla zasilającego)Control panel code
Cardboard boxKWhite916LeftE1Straight cable with plugWEpoxyEWhite1
Cardboard boxKBlack9M5RightE8Straight cable without plugPNo coatingXBlack2
<p>A - height B - width C - heating power D - vertical mounting spacing E - horizontal mounting spacing F - weight</p>

A - height B - width C - heating power D - vertical mounting spacing E - horizontal mounting spacing F - weight




P - straight cable, n/plug, W - straight cable with plug

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