Minimalism and Tradition

The Plain Towel Rail radiator is an unique shape created based on durable cast iron and bent steel profile. Its centre is made of cast-iron sections where a specific form allows to obtain minimalistic and timeless shape at the same time. Every single section is manually finished and such a task can take up to two craft working hours depending on selected finish. There is a steel profile around the radiator sections which is a support for the whole radiator. That profile is made in an elegant chrome finish or modern painted finish. The steel frame is not only a decoration but it increases the utility values of the radiator making it a perfect towel dryer. And because of that the Plain Towel Rail radiator is recommended especially to the bathrooms and baths. The combination of a cast iron radiator and a steel frame together with a wide range of colors allows us to achieve a unique effect in terms of design. Cast iron radiators are offered in RAL colors, special color palette finishes for cast iron radiators and decorative finishes. The steel frame is offered in chrome finish and painted finish in RAL colors, special color palette finishes for cast iron radiators and selected* decorative finishes.
*Antique Brass, Antique Copper


8 years

Warranty terms


  • Retro style radiator with uncommon profiles
  • Selection of approx. 250 colours
  • High working pressure

Included accessories

  • Straps for carrying the radiator
  • Set of mounting brackets

Product Visualisation


Water radiators - standard connection
Working pressure:
1 MPa
Maximum operating temperature
up to 95°C

Hydronic Radiator

Wysokość A [mm]Szerokość B [mm]Rozstaw C [mm]Wattage 75/65/20 CWattage 55/45/20 CPojemność [dm3]Waga [kg]Code produktowy
A - Wysokość
B - Szerokość
C - Rozstaw podłączeń
A - Wysokość B - Szerokość C - Rozstaw podłączeń
size: 900x490
size: 1000x490
size: 1200x490
size: 900x650
size: 1000x650
size: 1200x650
size: 900x820
Evening Garden

Evening GardenEG3

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Copper]EG8

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Gold]EG7

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Silver]EG9

Flat Black

Flat BlackFB3

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Copper]FB8

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Gold]FB7

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Silver]FB9



Frost [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

Frost [eksponowany ornament - Copper]FR8

Frost [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Frost [eksponowany ornament - Gold]FR7

Full Burnish

Full BurnishFB2



Metal Alive Cast Iron

Metal Alive Cast IronZE1

Metallic Brown

Metallic BrownAB3

Ornament Copper

Ornament CopperGR8

Ornament Gold

Ornament GoldGR7

Ornament Silver

Ornament SilverGR9

Polished Metal

Polished MetalZE2

Raw Metal Cast Iron

Raw Metal Cast IronZE3

Shaded Burnish

Shaded BurnishFB4

Shadow Gold

Shadow GoldSG3

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Copper]SG8

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Gold]SG7

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Silver]SG9

White Soft

White SoftWS3

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Copper]WS8

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Gold]WS7

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Silver]WS9

Antique Brass

Antique BrassAN5

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Copper]AB8

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Gold]AB7

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Silver]AB9



Autumn [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Autumn [eksponowany ornament - Gold]AU7

Autumn [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

Autumn [eksponowany ornament - Silver]AU9

The reproduction of colours on electronic devices may vary slightly from those seen on the actual products. For a more exact colour selection it is always best to ask for a matching colour chip sample. These are available from our Sales Managers and trading partners.

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