Ornaments visible on the surface of the Kaszub cast iron radiator are derived from the characteristic embroidery that reflects the beauty of nature and climate of the Kashubia region. The radiator is a combination of excellent durability, quality, tasteful beauty and regional, unique Kashubian charm.
Kashubian embroidery, inspired by the beauty and colors of the nature, dates back to approximately 1209. Its characteristic design was initiated by the Norbertine nuns, who were brought to Żukowo by Prince Mściwoj from Strzelno, Poznań. The monasteries of Norbertine in Żukowo and Benedictine in Żarnowiec have become the cradle of Kashubian embroidery.
Characteristics of embroidery include predominantly floral motifs: pansies, cornflowers, bluebells, carnations, lilies, forget-me-nots and roses. They are presented with extreme precision and attention to detail.
This same thought and commitment to excellence have been translated into other material, which is the cast iron. Kaszub radiator combines excellent: durability, quality and regional Kashubian charm. The authors of the design are Krzysztof Michalak and Bartosz Chylewski. Inspired by the Kashubian neighbourhood, they have created a radiator, which in a tasteful manner reconciles tradition and folklore with the noble beauty of cast iron.


8 years

Warranty terms


  • Duża moc grzewcza, wysoka odporność na korozję, wysokie ciśnienie robocze
  • Dzięki unikalnemu wyglądowi podkreśli charakter każdego pomieszczenia
  • Oprócz palety 200 standardowych kolorów RAL dodatkowo oferujemy paletę kolorów specjalnych oraz gamę wykończeń dekoracyjnych.

Included accessories

  • Odpowietrznik
  • Zawiesia mocujące (haki)
  • pasy do przenoszenia grzejnika


Water radiators - standard connection


Water/Electric radiator




Product Code
660805608012064brak w ofercie3.0610.8WGKAB066008
660278560278360192brak w ofercie9.1633.52WGKAB066027
660360560360480256brak w ofercie12.2244.32WGKAB066036
660442560442600320brak w ofercie15.2755.12WGKAB066044
660524560524720384brak w ofercie18.3265.92WGKAB066052
660606560606840448brak w ofercie21.3876.72WGKAB066060
660688560688960512brak w ofercie24.4387.52WGKAB066068
6607705607701080576brak w ofercie27.4898.32WGKAB066077
6608525608521200640brak w ofercie30.53109.12WGKAB066085
6609345609341320704brak w ofercie33.59119.92WGKAB066093
660101656010161440768brak w ofercie36.64130.72WGKAB066101
660109856010981560832brak w ofercie39.69141.52WGKAB066109
660118056011801680896brak w ofercie42.75152.32WGKAB066118
660126256012621800960brak w ofercie45.80163.12WGKAB066126
6601344560134419201024brak w ofercie48.85173.92WGKAB066134
6601426560142620401088brak w ofercie51.91184.72WGKAB066142
6601508560150821601152brak w ofercie54.96195.52WGKAB066150
6601590560159022801216brak w ofercie58.01206.32WGKAB066159
6601672560167224001280brak w ofercie61.06217.12WGKAB066167
860807608014980brak w ofercie4.1414WGKAB086008
860278760278447239brak w ofercie12.4243.12WGKAB086027
860360760360596318brak w ofercie16.5657.12WGKAB086036
860442760442745398brak w ofercie20.7071.12WGKAB086044
860524760524894477brak w ofercie24.8485.12WGKAB086052
8606067606061043557brak w ofercie28.9899.12WGKAB086060
8606887606881192636brak w ofercie33.12113.12WGKAB086068
8607707607701341716brak w ofercie37.26127.12WGKAB086077
8608527608521490795brak w ofercie41.40141.12WGKAB086085
8609347609341639875brak w ofercie45.54155.12WGKAB086093
860101676010161788954brak w ofercie49.68169.12WGKAB086101
8601098760109819371034brak w ofercie53.82183.12WGKAB086109
8601180760118020861113brak w ofercie57.96197.12WGKAB086118
8601262760126222351193brak w ofercie62.10211.12WGKAB086126
8601344760134423841272brak w ofercie66.24225.12WGKAB086134
8601426760142625331352brak w ofercie70.38239.12WGKAB086142
8601508760150826821431brak w ofercie74.52253.12WGKAB086150
8601590760159028311511brak w ofercie78.66267.12WGKAB086159
8601672760167229801590brak w ofercie82.80281.12WGKAB086167
720805608012065brak w ofercie3.0611.3WGKAF072008
720278560278360195brak w ofercie9.1635.12WGKAF072027
720360560360480260brak w ofercie12.2246.12WGKAF072036
720442560442600325brak w ofercie15.2757.12WGKAF072044
720524560524720390brak w ofercie18.3268.12WGKAF072052
720606560606840454brak w ofercie21.3879.12WGKAF072060
720688560688960519brak w ofercie24.4390.12WGKAF072068
7207705607701080584brak w ofercie27.48101.12WGKAF072077
7208525608521200649brak w ofercie30.53112.12WGKAF072085
7209345609341320714brak w ofercie33.59123.12WGKAF072093
720101656010161440779brak w ofercie36.64134.12WGKAF072101
720109856010981560844brak w ofercie39.69145.62WGKAF072109
720118056011801680909brak w ofercie42.75157.12WGKAF072118
720126256012621800974brak w ofercie45.8167.62WGKAF072126
7201344560134419201039brak w ofercie48.85179.12WGKAF072134
7201426560142620401104brak w ofercie51.91189.62WGKAF072142
7201508560150822321208brak w ofercie54.96201.12WGKAF072150
7201590560159023561275brak w ofercie58.01211.62WGKAF072159
7201672560167224801342brak w ofercie61.06223.12WGKAF072167
920807608014980brak w ofercie4.1415WGKAF092008
920278760278447239brak w ofercie12.4245.72WGKAF092027
920360760360596318brak w ofercie16.5659.92WGKAF092036
920442760442745398brak w ofercie20.774.12WGKAF092044
920524760524894477brak w ofercie24.8488.32WGKAF092052
9206067606061043557brak w ofercie28.98102.52WGKAF092060
9206887606881192636brak w ofercie33.12116.72WGKAF092068
9207707607701341716brak w ofercie37.26130.92WGKAF092077
9208527608521490795brak w ofercie41.4145.12WGKAF092085
9209347609341639875brak w ofercie45.54159.32WGKAF092093
920101676010161788954brak w ofercie49.68173.52WGKAF092101
9201098760109819371034brak w ofercie53.82188.72WGKAF092109
9201180760118020861113brak w ofercie57.96203.92WGKAF092118
9201262760126222351193brak w ofercie62.1217.12WGKAF092126
9201344760134423841272brak w ofercie66.24232.32WGKAF092134
9201426760142625331352brak w ofercie70.38245.52WGKAF092142
9201508760150826821431brak w ofercie74.52260.72WGKAF092150
9201590760159028311511brak w ofercie78.66273.92WGKAF092159
9201672760167229801590brak w ofercie82.8289.12WGKAF092167
A - height B - width C1-C5 - connection spacing D - distance between fixings horizontally E - distance between attachments vertically F - distance from the lower axle of fixings to the bottom edge of the collector
A - height B - width C1-C5 - connection spacing D - distance between fixings horizontally E - distance between attachments vertically F - distance from the lower axle of fixings to the bottom edge of the collector
size: Kaszub 660

Kaszub 660

size: Kaszub 720

Kaszub 720

size: Kaszub 860

Kaszub 860

size: Kaszub 920

Kaszub 920

Antique Brass

Antique BrassAN5

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Copper]AB8

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Gold]AB7

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

Antique Brass [eksponowany ornament - Silver]AB9

Antique Copper

Antique CopperAC5



Autumn [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Autumn [eksponowany ornament - Gold]AU7

Autumn [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

Autumn [eksponowany ornament - Silver]AU9

Evening Garden

Evening GardenEG3

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Copper]EG8

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Gold]EG7

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

Evening Garden [eksponowany ornament - Silver]EG9

Flat Black

Flat BlackFB3

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Copper]FB8

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Gold]FB7

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

Flat Black [eksponowany ornament - Silver]FB9



Frost [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

Frost [eksponowany ornament - Copper]FR8

Frost [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Frost [eksponowany ornament - Gold]FR7

Full Burnish

Full BurnishFB2



Metal Alive

Metal AliveZE1

Metallic Brown

Metallic BrownAB3

Ornament Copper

Ornament CopperGR8

Ornament Gold

Ornament GoldGR7

Ornament Silver

Ornament SilverGR9

Raw Metal

Raw MetalZE3

Shaded Burnish

Shaded BurnishFB4

Shadow Gold

Shadow GoldSG3

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Copper]SG8

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Gold]SG7

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

Shadow Gold [eksponowany ornament - Silver]SG9

White Soft

White SoftWS3

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Copper]

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Copper]WS8

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Gold]

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Gold]WS7

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Silver]

White Soft [eksponowany ornament - Silver]WS9

The reproduction of colours on electronic devices may vary slightly from those seen on the actual products. For a more exact colour selection it is always best to ask for a matching colour chip sample. These are available from our Sales Managers and trading partners.

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