Easy to assemble
The unique feature of the KTX range of heating elements is the Terma‑Split System. The Terma‑Split connector makes it possible to disconnect the TS 1 from the controller head. The TS 1 screws into the radiator and is tightened with a standard 24 mm spanner, then the controller can be fitted onto the Terma‑Split connector. The connector is then hidden within the controller case.

A unique feauture of heating elements by Terma. This innovative solution separates the heating element from the controller. the heating element itself should be "traditionally" screwed into the radiator with the coorect spanner. The controller should then be installed on the head of the heating element. The only visible element remaining is the electric controller, as the connector is hidden eithin the casing.


  •  Easy and safe installation
  • Capability to change the controller for a different model at any time, without any interference in the installation
  • Capability to remove the controller e.g.: for the renovation period
  • Capability to place the controller at any suitable angle towards the radiator (340° of rotation)
  • Capability to use a heating element of any power within the 120 - 1000 W range (independently from the controller)

Device also available in class II.

Features and functions

  • Idealny do samodzielnego montażu
  • Przeznaczony do montażu ze złączem Terma-SPLIT
  • Łatwy i bezpieczny montaż
  • Możliwość odłączenie lub podłączenie sterownika do elementu grzejnego w dowolnym momencie użytkowania np.zdjęcie sterownika na okres remontu
  • Możliwość wymiany sterownika na dowolny inny bez konieczności ingerencji w instalację
  • Ustawienie sterownika względem grzejnika według potrzeb (możliwość obrotu w zakresie 340°)
  • Przeznaczony do urządzeń w Klasie I ochronności (dostępna wersja do urządzeń w klasie II - zob. TS2)
  • Możliwość zastosowania elementu grzejnego dowolnej mocy od 120-1000W (niezależnie od modelu sterownika)

Technical Specifications

Available colours: white, silver, chrome and black. The heating element can also be offered in any RAL colour and Terma special colours (including brass and gold) subject to a minimum order of 100 pcs per colour.

The reproduction of colours on electronic devices may vary slightly from those seen on the actual products. For a more exact colour selection it is always best to ask for a matching colour chip sample. These are available from our Sales

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