ONE P 30x40

ONE P 30x40

Invisible heating element
Our main goal was to create a practical and easy to use heating element which does not dominate the radiator with its form. ONE has all the basic functions necessary for everyday use – two heating levels as well as an automatic switch-off mode (after 2 hours). All the functions are controlled by just one button and the current working mode is shown by means of a single multi-colour LED. The heating element is capable of wireless IR communication with an external wall controller. The casing of the ONE heating element is finely attuned to the radiator collector shape, making the heating element almost invisible.

Functionality The ONE heating element allows you to set two temperature levels. A sensitive electronic sensor allows the device to maintain the set temperature. The device shows the current mode using a multi-coloured LED. The heating element is characterized with a very low power consumption in standby mode.

Timer The timer automatically turns the heating element off after 2 hours.

Remote Control The heating element is capable of wireless IR communication with an external wall controller, which enhances the use of the ONE heating element with additional features.

Intelligent Building Systems In the event of a power failure, the heating element remembers the previous setting (last setting used), which is useful when the device is controlled by external timers and intelligent building systems.

Safety The ONE heating element is equipped with a number of safety features including; a ‘frost’ protection setting (ANTIFREEZE), a double protection against overheating and an ‘active’ protection to prevent overheating when used in a dry radiator. Device displays a warning in case of malfunction.

Design The heating element has a metal housing available in chrome or powder coated finish. It is available in five shapes designed to match radiator collectors. The heating element has a single hidden button to activate and change the settings. There are radiators available with the ONE integrated into the radiator where the only part of the ONE that is visible is the status indicator.

Colour Available colours: RAL, Terma special colours and chrome.

Features and functions

  • 2 poziomy temperatury grzania
  • ukryty klawisz do włączania i zmieniania nastaw
  • wielokolorowa dioda do sygnalizacji stanu pracy
  • funkcja TIMER (automatyczne wyłączenie po 2 godzinach)
  • możliwość rozszerzenia funkcji dzięki wbudowanemu łączu podczerwieni IR,
  • dokładna regulacja dzięki elektronicznemu czujnikowi temperatury,
  • metalowa obudowa lakierowana proszkowo,
  • dostępny w 5 kształtach obudów dopasowanych do grzejników
  • bardzo niski pobór prądu w stanie czuwania (<0,5W)
  • zapamiętanie nastaw po zaniku napięcia zasilania (umożliwia współpracę z zewnętrznymi timerami lub systemami inteligentnych budynków),
  • aktywna ochrona grzałki w przypadku pracy na sucho
  • podwójne zabezpieczenie przed nadmiernym wzrostem temperatury grzejnika,
  • ochrona przeciwzamarzaniowa (ANTIFREEZE),
  • sygnalizacja stanów alarmowych,
  • dostępne kolory: paleta RAL, kolory specjalne z wzornika Terma oraz chrom

Technical Specifications

Available output power:
120, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000W
Protection devices:
Klasa I
Radiator connection:
Ingress protection [IP]:
Model headerColor
ONE Profile PWhite120310WEOPX01T916*
ONE Profile PWhite200270WEOPX02T916*
ONE Profile PWhite300295WEOPX03T916*
ONE Profile PWhite400330WEOPX04T916*
ONE Profile PWhite600360WEOPX06T916*
ONE Profile PWhite800470WEOPX08T916*
ONE Profile PWhite1000560WEOPX10T916*
ONE Profile PChrome120310WEOPX01TCRO*
ONE Profile PChrome200270WEOPX02TCRO*
ONE Profile PChrome300295WEOPX03TCRO*
ONE Profile PChrome400330WEOPX04TCRO*
ONE Profile PChrome600360WEOPX06TCRO*
ONE Profile PChrome800470WEOPX08TCRO*
ONE Profile PChrome1000560WEOPX10TCRO*
ONE Profile PRAL and special colors TT120310WEOPX01T****
ONE Profile PRAL and special colors TT200270WEOPX02T****
ONE Profile PRAL and special colors TT300295WEOPX03T****
ONE Profile PRAL and special colors TT400330WEOPX04T****
ONE Profile PRAL and special colors TT600360WEOPX06T****
ONE Profile PRAL and special colors TT800470WEOPX08T****
ONE Profile PRAL and special colors TT1000560WEOPX10T****
* Add the appropriate cabel type symbols here

Available colours: white, silver, chrome and black. The heating element can also be offered in any RAL colour and Terma special colours (including brass and gold) subject to a minimum order of 100 pcs per colour.

The reproduction of colours on electronic devices may vary slightly from those seen on the actual products. For a more exact colour selection it is always best to ask for a matching colour chip sample. These are available from our Sales

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