The under window version of the new Warp Room model (special color Groovy Red, connection type VL) 

Update from March 29, 2023:

The Warp Room horizontal radiator in heights from 300 mm up to 600 mm are now available as an electric radiator with your choice of factory-installed Terma heating element.


Since their introduction to the market in mid-2016, Warp bathroom heated towel rails are extremely popular among both individual customers and interior designers. 

A key characteristic feature of the Warp range is the flat steel 50x10 profiles, arranged in sections which sit in unique harmony. In the standard option, the bars are suspended across vertical uprights (collectors) on opposite sides (Warp T). Another version has the two vertical uprights (collectors) on the same side, with flat profile wrapped around them in an asymmetrical modern shape (Warp S). Warp is also available in the Bold version which gives increased outputs as it has a double layer of bars. Finally we can also offer the ONE electric models which includes a fully concealed heating element located inside the vertical coll. 

The multitude of choices within the Warp heated towel rail range combined with a wide range of colours and the number of possible connections to the central heating network, make it possible for each recipient to find a suitable configuration. 

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The Warp not only offers very impressive heat output and a modern design, but the flat profiles used in the place of classic round tubes, and the increased space between the bars makes it easier to hang clothes/towels, meaning that the Warp models not only heat rooms but also work well for drying clothes. 



The multifunctionality of the current Warp radiators , along with their exiting success in the market, contributed to our desire to offer a consistent design within the same line for room radiators. 

Terma’s designers have now created a further two versions of the Warp Room model: an horizontal under window version and a vertical high decorative version. A characteristic feature of each version is a double layer of bars ensuring increased heating power in relation to the dimensions. 


The under window model is available in three heights: 330 mm, 530 mm and 630 mm. The lowest radiators are intended for hard-to-reach places under the stairs and in low attics, and the taller ones are suitable for spaces with windows at standard heights and above. Warp Room radiators are available with side connections (LP, LX, PX, AX) and bottom connections (SX, YL, YP, Y2, Y7), and also comes in a version equipped with a thermostatic insert that allows the head to be installed (VL, VP, V2 , V7).
It is also possible to install an electric heating element horizontally for connection types Y2, Y7, V2 and V7.

The horizontal under window version of the Warp Room radiator is also now available as an Electric Radiator (with connections E2 and E7).

We recommend the VEO electric heating (the SMART system). This heater's controller has a display that automatically adjusts the way the content is displayed to that of the position in which the heater is installed.

The wide range of the Warp Room model in the under window version includes models for each of the indicated heights in six widths: 525 mm, 785 mm, 1045 mm, 1305 mm, 1565 mm, 1825 mm. 



The high decorative version of the Warp Room radiator includes nine models in three heights: 1200 mm, 1600 mm and 1800 mm. In each of the heights, the radiator is offered in the following widths: 395 mm, 525 mm and 655 mm. 

Available connections are bottom opposite (SX), bottom centre 50 mm (ZX), and bottom side 50 mm (YL and YP). A bottom opposite both sides connection (AX) is also available. 

!Unfortunately, it is not possible to install an electric heating element in the upright vertical version of this model. 

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Extending the collection of the Warp radiator line with the Warp Room model enables a coherent arrangement of interiors in terms of heating devices. 

The Warp Room is ideal for placing in living spaces, bedrooms or children's rooms, and passageways. 

The Warp Room radiator is available in basic colors from the Terma colour palette, which include: 

  • 191 RAL colors in a glossy, matt or soft finish;
  • Terma special colors (powder paints). 

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 The decorative version of a Warp Room model (special color Halo, connection type ZX)