MILAN June 28 - July 1, 2022 

We have to say it out loud, for two years we have been waiting impatiently for the opportunity to present the new line of SMART electrical products to a wider audience. 

We used the time of the pandemic for the development and testing of products. You will be able to experience the results at the Terma stand during the MOSTRA fair in Milan. 

On June 28 - July 1, we invite you to stand F01 in hall 1, where TERMA will present its products under the slogan WE ELECTRIFY 

This slogan fully reflects the intention that guided us in the development of our heating products. We want to prove that modern, ecological and easy management of heating is possible, regardless of the size and type of room, the style of interior arrangement and the physical presence of the user. 

We believe that the marriage of traditional craftsmanship expressed in a timeless form and modern ecological heating technology is not only possible, but also extremely visually and functionally attractive. We will prove this by presenting, electrified, remotely controlled cast iron radiators, including the 3-column Plain and the new Stylos cast iron, column radiator. 

You will be able to eperience the advantages of having Terma SMART system, which includes products such as the VOLTAN, electric convector with high heat output, VEO - heating element, VAZ - thermostatic head as well as window opening and room temperature sensors. The SMART system enables scheduling and, thanks to geolocation, it will adjust the power of heating depending on your location. The products have already been launched and are available to buy. 

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Mostra will also be the first opportunity to present a new, electric room radiators with a built-in control panel. They will be the aluminum Camber and Triga models. These new radiators will constitute an extension of the well-known Terma Blue electric product line, which has been present on the market for several seasons. Full production capacity is planned for 2023. 

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In Milan, we will also present an electric blower heater (blower) that allows you to obtain the desired temperature in the interior in a short time. Thanks to this, it is a product that works great in bathrooms, as well as in rooms that we use occasionally, e.g. in attics or in summer houses. Terma's offer includes eleven electric towel rails prepared for integration with a blower device. 

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Red wine and champagne ... 

You will also see electrified versions of our top models of radiators and towel rails in specially selected colors from the premium palette, e.g. the Easy radiator in the Red Wine color, Retro in the Brushed Brass finish, Rolo Room E in the Champagne color, and the Hex hydronic radiator in the Old Bronze color. 


In addition, all the special (powder) and premium (liquid paints) colors we offer will be presented using the D profiles to better reflect the effect on the steel profiles 

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See you in Milan!