Product of Carlo Poletti (Italy). The valve should be installed in accordance with the specified direction of the heating medium flow and return. Note: Due to the protection of the thermal fuse of the heating element, we recommend installing the element on the return side.

Available versions


3D Visualization

Technical drawing

Technical drawing


SizeColorVersionProduct Code
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15ChromeLeftWRZT5G14-CR
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15ChromeRightWRZT5G15-CR
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15SatinLeftWRZT5G14-ST
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15SatinRightWRZT5G15-ST
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15Black połyskLeftWRZT5G14-CZ
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15Black połyskRightWRZT5G15-CZ
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15Black matLeftWRZT5G14-CM
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15Black matRightWRZT5G15-CM

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