Available versions: left, right.
The left or right-hand version determines the position of the termostatic insert or regulating valve with male thread. 

Product of Carlo Poletti (Italy).

Dedicated to the radiator Dexter.

Technical drawing

Technical drawing


Left GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15 WhiteTGETCG1-BI
Right GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15 WhiteTGETCG2-BI
Left GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15 ChromeTGETCG6-CR
Right GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15 ChromeTGETCG7-CR
Left GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15 SatinTGETCG1-ST
Right GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15 SatinTGETCG2-ST

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