Available versions: left and right.

The left or right-hand version determines the position of the thermostatic insert or regulating valve with male thread.

Product of Carlo Poletti (Italy)

Technical drawing

Technical drawing


Left GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15 ChromeWRZT5G1-CR
Right GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15 ChromeWRZT5G2-CR
Left GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15 SatinWRZT5G1-ST
Right GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15 SatinWRZT5G2-ST
Left GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15BlackWRZT5G1-CZ
Right GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15BlackWRZT5G2-CZ
Left GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15Black MatWRZT5G1-CM
Right GZ 1/2"-∅16x2, ∅15Black MatWRZT5G2-CM


3D Visualization

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