Product of Carlo Poletti (Italy)

Technical drawing

Technical drawing


SizeColorProduct Code
GW 24-19-∅16x2 ChromeTGACR019
GW 24-19-∅16x2 SatinTGAST017
GW 24-19-∅16x2Black GlossTGACZ001
GW 3/4"-∅16x2 ChromeTGACR015
GW 3/4"-∅16x2 SatinTGAST015
GW 3/4"-∅16x2Black GlossTGACZ005
GW M22x1,5-∅16x2 ChromeTGACR011
GW M22x1,5-∅16x2 SatinTGAST011
GW 24-19-∅16x2WhiteTGABI001
GW 3/4"-∅16x2WhiteTGABI002
GW 24-19-∅16x2Black MatTGACM001
GW 3/4"-∅16x2Black MatTGACM002
GW M22x1,5-∅16x2 Black Mat TGACM003

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