Product of VarioTerm (Poland) The set contains:
  • 3-axis thermostatic valve integrated with T-piece
  • 3-axis lockshield valve integrated with T-piece
  • thermostatic head M30 × 1.5
  • pipe masking set
  • 2 × adapter PEX, ALU-PEX 16×2
  • 2 × adapter CU Ø 15
Available colours:
     a) white (RAL 9016)
     b) white soft (SOFT 9016)
     c) black (RAL 9005)
     d) black mat (MAT 9005)
     e) chrome All Terma finishes are available on individual order, except: SOFT 4010, SOFT 4006, SOFT 3028, SOFT Green Apple, SOFT 1023, Black Crocodile New, Black Pepper, Silver Gloss, Chrome Effect, Antique Copper, Gold Gloss. The valve should be installed in accordance with the specified direction of the heating medium flow and return.  

Available versions


Technical drawing

Technical drawing


SizeVersionProduct CodeCode Coloru
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15LewaTGETINTELK... (wstaw kod koloru)
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15PrawaTGETINTEPK... (wstaw kod koloru)

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