Product of VarioTerm (Poland)

The set contains:
  • 3-axis thermostatic valve integrated with T-piece
  • 3-axis lockshield valve integrated with T-piece
  • thermostatic head M30 × 1.5
  • pipe masking set
  • 2 × adapter PEX, ALU-PEX 16×2
  • 2 × adapter CU Ø 15

The design of the kit allows the heater to be installed on each of the valves, however, for safety reasons, we recommend placing it on the cut-off valve.
Available colours:
     a) white (RAL 9016)
     b) white soft (SOFT 9016)
     c) black (RAL 9005)
     d) black mat (MAT 9005)
     e) chrome

On request, the set is available in all single-layer colors from the Terma palette, i.e.
  • in all RAL colors and in most special colors, as well as colors: Soft 9005, Soft 7047, Mat 7016;
  • in all Premium colors (liquid paints), except Brushed Brass coating;
Note: The set is not available in other than the above-mentioned RAL colors, finished with SOFT and MAT coatings and in special colors: SOFT Green Apple, Black Crocodile New, White Gold.

!The valve should be installed in accordance with the specified direction of the heating medium flow and return.
NOTE: The kit does not allow the installation of TERMA REG 2 and REG 3 heaters.


Available versions


3D Visualization

Technical drawing

Technical drawing


SizeVersionProduct CodeCode Coloru
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15LeftTGETINTELK... (wstaw kod koloru)
GZ 1/2" – ∅16x2, ∅15RightTGETINTEPK... (wstaw kod koloru)

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